Bomb Suppression Blanket

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Be protected from bomb explosions with our Bomb Suppression Blanket.
A bullet proof vest can save your upper body but it may not withstand a bomb explosion. These blankets are tailored to provide you a shield against Bomb Blasts.

The Bomb Suppression Blanket is the most cost-effective and easy to use product currently available for containing fragments and shrapnel from explosive devices.

» As per Mil-Std-662F and STANAG-2920
» Made with KEVLAR with Nomex fire resistant coating
» Will contain explosions from a large variety of bombs
» We offer different levels of bomb and ballistic blankets (i.e. V 50 x 500 ms)
» All blankets are available in the standard sizes (4’ x 4’ and/or 4’ x 5’) or custom sizes also on request
» Safety Circle - wrap around to cover suspected object
» Used for IED/EOD Operations
» Used in Demining Operations